“I have had a pleasure to collaborate patient care with Brittny for multiple patients requiring Myofunctional Therapy and/or Frenectomy. Brittny is extremely knowledgeable, professional and delivers highest results to her patients. I would recommend her services to everyone looking to improve the function the Orofacial muscles.”

- Dr. Yuri May, DMD


“We were referred to Brittny by Dr. Daniels about 2 years ago. She was knowledgeable, kind and genuinely concerned about my daughter and felt confident that she could help her. She was confident that the tools & exercises she shared with my daughter would help to diminish the need for oral surgery by retraining her and getting rid of old habits . So far the braces are still on but she is doing very well putting all that she has learned by Brittny to use in her everyday life.”

- Laura


“Brittny is a very gifted, and compassionate professional. Her services have been a wonderful adjunct to my orthodontic practice, allowing me to correct very challenging cases without surgery. Very accommodating and kind, she has my Highest Recommendation!”

- Dr. David Daniels, DMD


“My son was referred to Brittny for Myofunctional Therapy to help offset the damage done from years of thumb sucking. He has benefited not only from the exercises, but from the education and explanation of why they are so important. There has been a dramatic change in his bite and a new found understanding and focus on his daily eating and drinking habits. Brittny has the patience needed to work with young children and her delivery made the process feel easy for me as a parent.”

- Amy


“Brittny worked with my 13- year- old daughter for over a year. She was so accommodating with our crazy schedule. Brittny is such a knowledgeable person and so kind and compassionate with my daughter. Both my girls (my 8-year-old, too, who would tag along) loved going to see Brittny. I highly recommend her!”

- Jennifer


“Brittny worked with my 12-year-old daughter who had severe tongue thrust issues. She was so knowledgeable and professional, but most importantly she made my daughter feel so comfortable and at ease with the whole process. We ae thrilled with the results. We highly recommend her!”

- Krista